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Edgar Villanueva


Our keynote speakers will be featured on each day of the conference, followed by facilitated question and answer sessions to engage the audience.


Angela Davis



adrienne maree brown



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Racial Equity

Sessions designed to advance understanding of  and implementation of racial equity capacity building.

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Opportunity to Thrive

Sessions that directly address the social and economic barriers to thriving, racially equitable communities.

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Youth at the Center

Youth-centered sessions that speak to racially equitable systems change and awareness.

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Justice For All

Sessions that center the criminal justice system and best practices for moving forward collectively in a new, racially equitable reality.

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3:30   -   Welcome & Introductions

4:00   -   Keynote Session w/ Q&A: Edgar Villanueva
Moderated by Rachel D'Souza Siebert

5:10   -   Virtual Happy Hour & Conversation


     This event is 


8:30    -   Welcome & Introductions
9:00    -   Mayor Tishaura Jones

9:15    -   Alternatives to the Carceral State – How to Transform St. Louis' Public Safety System
A discussion with Trevaughn Latimer, Jae Shepherd, Inez Bordeaux


Learn about our work to transform our public safety system. Our campaign desires to defund and divest from a broken public safety system, re-envision what a new alternative system could look like, and transform our region by reinvesting into policies and programs addressing root causes of violence and crime.

10:30  -   Break: movement, meditation, networking

10:35 - 12:05     -   *90-minute Workshop with Witnessing Whiteness Author, Shelly Tochluk*

Calling all white people! This workshop provides an overview of the white racial identity development process (developed by Janet E. Helms and popularized by Beverly Daniel Tatum). The discussion will highlight where white people tend to go awry, what lies at the core of our confusion and missteps, what strategies can help us move forward, and resources to help us find our way

11:00  -   Breakout Session 1

Still I Rise: Educational Equity for Girls of Color

Tracie Berry McGhee

Key opportunities to identify and break down the barriers and education disparity. Discuss preventive mobile support systems, define the benefits of restorative justice practices, Implement tools educators can use to avoid pervasive racial and gender stereotypes and increase positive relationships.

Environmental Racism in STL Report: What’s Next?

Karisa Gilman-Hernandez, Katerine Fenerson, Ashton Kuehnel

Environmental Racism in St. Louis foundational organizations will discuss the origins of the report, community support, and next steps.

Equity Through Resident Leadership: How the Neighborhood Leadership Fellows Transform the Promise Zone With Policy and Power

Claire Rippel, Dwayne T James, Sundy Whiteside, Alan Mueller, Julia Allen and Gary Johnson

What if residents in neighborhoods were truly in charge of their community’s future? The Neighborhood Leadership Fellows (NLF) brings together residents from the Saint Louis Promise Zone (North St. Louis City and North County) to work on systems change through advocacy and to access to civic leadership tables and halls of power. In this session, you will hear about our strategies for activating and amplifying resident leadership on the local and state level and policy efforts underway by current Fellows.

Transforming Responses to Violence: 
Using Survivor Centered Strategies to Address Serious Violence

Michael Milton & John Nanny

Strategies to address harm have historically depended on control, punishment, and oppression - disproportionately against Black and poor people. In this session we will explore creative strategies to reduce harm that are centered by survivors, have greater efficacy, and disrupts the cycle of violence that is generated by incarceration.

Session 1

12:00  -   Lunch Break 

1:30    -   Breakout Session 2

Trauma-Informed Care Klass! MOkidsR#1

Dr. Sharonica Hardin-Bartley, Dr. Terry Harris, Kayla Thompson

An interactive discussion and examples of practical application of the framework and foundational model of the Alive and Well Educator’s workgroup that created the Missouri Model for Trauma Informed Schools.

Racial Equity in the Food System

Tosha Phonix

Defining: food apartheid, food justice and the need to see racial equity in this area. How the basic necessity of food is interconnected with violence, poverty, and community degradation.

REFORM is Revolutionary: Role-Driven Race Equity Reform

Kenya N Washington Johnson

This interactive session is a facilitated dialogue that considers a strategy for transforming toward equity today being developed at a historically black university.

Affordable Homebuyers Need
Mortgages Too

Faith Weekly

Community lenders are seeking to fill a critical gap and connect eligible buyers with small loans with the goal of increasing wealth for low-and-moderate income buyers and stabilizing disinvested communities. Learn more about innovative and promising mortgage lending programs.

Confronting White Supremacy in the Non-profit Sector

Sarah Masoud, Christina Meneses, Dewitt Campbell

This session will confront the role of the non-profit sector as an agent of white supremacy, and offer strategies for change.

Session 2

2:30    -   Break: movement, mediation, networking
2:40    -   Breakout Session 3 

Impacts of COVID & Racism on Early Childhood Education

De Finch, Rochelle Bea, Cortaiga S. Collins, Tina Mosley

Explore pain points, pivots, and coaction among institutions, educators, and advocates during 2020, and address issues of inequities in ECE and were exacerbated by COVID.

Decolonizing Economic Development: Racial Equity Approaches to implementing the 2030 Jobs Plan

Natalie Self, Justin Raymundo, Sherita Love, Kate Polokonis

This interactive panel will cover four perspectives on policy and systems change approaches to economic development in the region. We will discuss equitable approaches to implementing the 2030 Jobs Plan, including the interconnectivity of education and economic development.

Demand the Truth-Fight Secrecy in the Criminal Justice System

Philip Weeks & Emmanuel Powell

Our local governments hide inequities and violence perpetrated by police. Our session argues for open data and open government in STL!

COVID & Professionalism: Moving from Racism to Liberation

Jewel Stafford, Cynthia Williams, Jenni Harpring

Participants will explore professionalism standards, bias and strategies for dismantling explicit/implicit white supremacy in the pandemic.

Informed & Transformed: Using Radical Collaboration to Catalyze Systems and Community Transformation

Riisa Rawlins Easley, Sean Marz, Kaytlin Reedy-Rogier, Rebeccah Bennett, Serena Muhammad

Participants will learn about a bi-directional collaboration that centers community in partnerships to develop shared agendas, accountability, and transformed systems and community practice. 

Session 3

3:45    -   Thank Yous & Speaker Intro 

4:00    -   Keynote with Angela Davis, moderated by Blake Strode and Kayla Reed


8:30    -   Welcome & Housekeeping
9:00    -   Breakout Session 4 

Redefining Power + Leadership

Hilary Sedovic, Cordell Billups

What are the roles of equity, history, and power in shaping narratives in our communities? How might we design more equitable systems through the lens of personal and organizational humility-building?

Our Fund our Future: Leveraging Power Through Healing + Justice

Aaron Rogers, Mia Malcolm, Jenniqual Johnson, Michelle Barbeau

The first year learnings of the St. Louis Regional Racial Healing + Justice Fund. The CGB members will highlight how the fund practices ani-racist philanthropy, discuss the importance of and how to grow community awareness, power, and resilience through this process of healing and justice.

A Community Wealth Building Framework for St. Louis

Kristen Wagner

An overview of community wealth building principles, the potential for an equitable, regenerative economy, and local examples of efforts already underway

Creating a Culture of Mutual Aid

Rachel D'Souza-Siebert, Sarah Rose, Carmen Ward, Sayer Johnson

Participants will gain an understanding of how to build a successful mutual aid framework by hearing directly from donors, program implementers, and recipients of mutual aid.

Leveraging Community Brilliance Towards Equity

Jessica Wernli

Participants will explore how to activate & leverage “community brilliance” as they work to achieve racial equity in the spaces they lead.

Session 4

10:00   -   Break!

10:10    -   Thank Yous & Speaker Intro 

10:20    -   Keynote with adrienne maree brown, followed by a panel discussion moderated by David Dwight IV, with Bethany Johnson-Javois, Ohun Ashe & Rebeccah Bennett
12:00    -   Thank You & Close Out
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