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Friday, November 10th 

Presented by: Dr. LaVada Rice

9:00 am-10:15 am

An affinity group for Black Women Leaders Networking is a collective of organizations that are founded, led, or primarily run by Black women. The group's primary focus is to provide a supportive and empowering space for Black women leaders to come together, share experiences, and address issues that are unique to their intersectional identities as both women and Black individuals. These organizations often aim to create a network where Black women leaders can collaborate, share resources, and advocate for social and systemic change.


Key aspects and characteristics of Black women-led affinity groups and organizations include:
1. Empowerment and Support: The group aims to empower Black women leaders by providing a
supportive and understanding environment. It encourages open discussions about the challenges they face in leadership roles, offering peer support and mentorship opportunities.

2. Intersectionality: Recognizing that Black women's experiences are shaped by the intersection of race, gender, and often other factors like class, sexual orientation, and ability, these groups foster discussions around intersectionality and its impact on leadership and societal experiences.

3. Promoting Representation: The affinity group seeks to amplify the voices and visibility of Black women leaders in various sectors and industries. It advocates for increased representation and leadership opportunities for Black women in decision-making positions.

4. Networking and Collaboration: Black women-led organizations collaborate to share knowledge,
resources, and best practices. Networking within the affinity group can lead to strategic partnerships and collaborations to address shared challenges. 

5. Advocacy and Activism: Many of these organizations engage in advocacy and activism to promote social justice, gender equity, and racial equality. They work towards dismantling systemic barriers and
addressing issues that disproportionately affect Black women.

6. Professional and Personal Development: Affinity groups often provide opportunities for professional and personal development through workshops, training sessions, and leadership development programs tailored to the needs of Black women leaders.

7. Cultural Celebration: The group celebrates and embraces Black culture, history, and heritage. This
includes recognizing the contributions of Black women to various fields and acknowledging their
resilience and achievements.

8. Community Building: The affinity group fosters a sense of community among Black women leaders,
facilitating connections and building networks that extend beyond individual organizations.

9. Addressing Gender and Racial Inequities: Black women-led organizations work collectively to address gender and racial disparities, both within their organizations and in society at large.
10. Mentorship and Role Models: Black women leaders often serve as mentors and role models within the affinity group, supporting the growth and development of emerging leaders.


Overall, an affinity group for Black women-led organizations plays a crucial role in creating a space where Black women leaders can connect, collaborate, and collectively work towards creating positive change. By amplifying their voices and advocating for their rights and opportunities, these organizations contribute to a more inclusive and equitable society for all.

Affinity Group #2
BiPOC Caucausing &
People of Color Networking

The primary purpose of this group is to provide a supportive and empowering space where people of color can come together to discuss shared experiences, challenges, and concerns related to their racial or ethnic identities. These groups serve as a platform for members to build solidarity, foster a sense of belonging, and promote mutual understanding.

Presented by: Dr. Saint Rice

10:30 am - 11:45 am

Affinity Group #3 
White People Caucusing

Presented by: Dr. Wally Siewert & Grace Hagan

2:15 pm - 3:30 pm 

The primary purpose of these groups is to promote self-awareness, foster understanding of white privilege and systemic racism, and explore ways to actively contribute to creating a more equitable and just society. It is important to note that white affinity groups are not intended to reinforce or perpetuate racial superiority but rather to facilitate constructive dialogue and personal growth.

Affinity Group #4
Corporate Allies Networking

Presented By: Daffney Moore &  Alesha Henley

3:45 pm - 5:00 pm 

This group's primary focus is to foster collaboration and ally-ship among employees who are committed to advancing DEI efforts within the workplace and beyond. By actively participating in this group, members demonstrate their willingness to learn, support, and amplify the voices of underrepresented colleagues.

Affinity Group #1 - Black Women Leaders Networking

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