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Welcome! If you are thinking about joining the wonderful, dedicated Racial Equity Summit Volunteer Corps, look no further! By signing up to volunteer for the 2023 Racial Equity Summit, you will be supporting your community, developing new skills, and participating firsthand in one of the best racial equity summits in the nation! 


Additional perks you will enjoy by volunteering include:

  • Free 2023 Racial Equity Summit volunteer T-shirt!

  • Free snacks/water/coffee from Volunteer Headquarters during shifts!

  • Great networking opportunities!

  • Service hours!

  • Fun weekend full of new people and unforgettable experiences!


Volunteer Descriptions

1. General Conference Set-up/Break-down

Banners, signage, swag bags, etc. are all a big part of every conference. The venue has  to be put together with adequate signage and directions for attendees. General conference set up volunteers are needed to quickly get these spaces set-up and then dismantled again are vital.

2. Greeters/Usher

The face of the summit! Greeters/Ushers are responsible for guiding participants to registration, into the main halls and session rooms -  helping to ensure that attendees make it to their sessions! Assisting attendees to a specific seat is definitely helpful. Even if you aren't ushering people, just having a greeter to help attendees know where to go or just verify that they are at the "right place" is a necessary service!

3. Floaters

If you are the multi-tasking, “I can do it all,” go-getter type? Then this is the volunteer shift for you! Many volunteer duties at conferences include miscellaneous needs that pop-up at a moment's notice. When things like this happen, having someone that can quickly attend to it is crucial.You will be asked to remain in a certain location and be available to help with various tasks as needed. These tasks may include arranging furniture in session rooms, assisting conference staff with special projects, providing information to conference attendees, and other similar tasks. Something may be needed in one of the breakout session rooms, or a message needs to get posted that a session is going to be in a different location. These runners keep the pace of the conference moving!

4. Merchandise

Be the face of selling our 2023 Racial Equity Summit t-shirts and other items! Encourage attendees to wear the official 2023 conference shirt!

5. Information Table Attendant

Welcome visitors and answer questions relating to schedules and locations at main Info Booth! Attendees will need session information, time information and sometimes just a little help to find the best session for them. An attendant that is available at the information table is very helpful to attendees. This is you! 

6. Registration & Check-In

Registration Assistants help to facilitate the conference registration process - direct traffic to the registration tables, pass out badges, and generally provide assistance to the attendee. Check in your attendees, provide name badges and be there to welcome guests with a friendly smile.

7. Session Monitors

Some Breakout Sessions and other discussion sessions may require additional staff. Session Assistants will help an America’s Center staff member to ensure that the space (seating, AV, etc.) meets the needs of the session leader. Sometimes called "presiders," these people stay in the workshop to make sure everything is running smoothly. They attend to anything the presider may need during the session. 

8. Volunteer HQ

Help manage food, snacks and beverages for volunteers at the Volunteer HQ. Works with Volunteer Coordinator to check other volunteers in and show them where to go.


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